Oenone Hammersley’s

Paintings of water in oil on canvas

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All paintings copyright ownership to the artist.

Rushing Water C

Rushing Water

Water Refraction C Small

Water Refraction

Water C


Snow and Ice C Small

Snow and Ice

Reflections in Venice 1 C

Reflections in Venice 1

Rice Paddies China C Small

Rice Paddies China

Water Puddle C

Water Puddle

Water Ripples C Small

Water Ripples

Lights on Water C Small

Lights on Water

Dark Waters C Small

Dark Waters

Reflections in Venice 3 C

Reflections in Venice 3

Reflections in Venice 4 C

Reflections in Venice 4

Choppy Water C Small

Choppy Water

The Shape of Water C small

The Shape of Water

Rainy Windscreen at Red Light NY C

Rainy Windscreen at Red Light NY

Falling Water C Small2

Falling Water

Reflections in Venice 2 C

Reflections in Venice 2

Rice Terraces China C Small

Rice Terraces China

Water Marbling Paintings in Acrylic and Oil on Canvas.




































Turquoise Sea C1

Turquoise Sea


Magnificent Trees